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5 Reasons Carp Fishing Is So Popular, Especially In Surrey

Carp are both far one of the most popular fish to catch by anglers, with this fish often described as ‘the queen of rivers and lakes’. It’s believed they were first introduced to the UK in the 12th or 13th centuries, when they were mentioned in one of the first angling books that we know of.


There’s several reasons why carp fishing is so popular in Surrey, including:


  1. They’re rewarding fish to catch because they can grow to significant sizes and be strong fighters, meaning you have to work harder to hook your catch. Here at Effingham Carp Fishery in Surrey we have our lake stocked with 100 hand selected carp that weigh up to 25 lbs.

  2. Because, like much of fishing, it’s partly a waiting game, carp fishing can be a social activity and enjoyed with friends and family.

  3. It’s a type of fishing with a long history, so it can make you feel connected to your ancestors. Traditionally carp were kept in stew ponds, ready to be eaten by monastic monks up until the 16th century.

  4. They are selectively bred, as is the case at our lake in Surrey, to provide the most satisfying catch possible.

  5. Surrey has many brilliant places to go carp fishing, with Effingham Carp Fishery ideal if you’re looking for an exclusive venue with plenty of peace and tranquility. 

If you’re looking to go carp fishing in Surrey, discover more reasons to choose our location or contact our team today.

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