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Carp Care

  • Fish care – number one priority

  • All fishermen must be in possession of a Carp Care Kit

  • Please ensure that any fish caught are given plenty of time to recover in the water
    prior to being weighed and photographed

  • All fish must be unhooked using the mats provided

  • Fish can be retained in a landing net or floating retaining sling provided for a maximum of
    ten minutes to have time to ready oneself for pictures etc

  • All fish must be carefully returned to the lake

  • Please upload catch reports , any pictures and weights on the Catch App

Venue Rules - Effingham Carp Fishery
Venue Rules - Effingham Carp Fishery


Venue Rules - Effingham Carp Fishery

Venue Rules

  • All anglers must be in possession of an EA rod License

  • Latest arrival time on the day 6PM

  • Strictly FISHERY Unhooking Mats/Weight Slings and Landing Nets to be used only. These will be in your swim upon arrival

  • Terminal tackle must have a leader or tubing of at least 18 inches, the set up must be able to remove the lead in the event of a break

  • The use of the "MAGIC TWIG" is NOT permitted on the fishery

  • No braided main line (spod and marker rods are fine)

  • Minimum 12lb breaking strain main line

  • Barbless or micro barbs only

  • Bailiffs have the right to check rigs should they wish

  • Rods must not be left unattended

  • 3 rod limit

  • No particles, nuts of any kind or spod mix

  • Boilie, pellet, maggots and casters only. If using maggots or caster there is a limit of ONE pint per angler per 24 hrs

  • House pellets can be purchased from the fishery

  • Only Gas BBQ's can be used, as long as they do not mark the ground

  • No bait boats, dinghies guns, or fires

  • No loud music or shouting across the lake

  • No visitors

  • No dogs

  • Swimming strictly forbidden

  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult

  • All Vehicles to park in fishery car park at all times (no driving to swims)

  • 10 mph speed limit on track leading to the lake 

  • Shower/Toilet and cabin to be kept and left clean

  • We do not accept any liability for Loss or damage of any property

  • All rubbish must be put into bins provided or taken home

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