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Discover One of the Most Stunning Fisheries in Surrey

Most carp fishing enthusiasts are always on the hunt for the best spots. Surrey has no shortage of beautiful fishing destinations, but few as peaceful and exclusive as Effingham Carp Fishery, a popular venue based in the heart of captivating countryside. 


A six acre lake that’s perfect for seasoned carp fishers.


The best fisheries for carp reflect how these fish behave, but also provide challenges for experienced anglers. Because carp tend to stick to mid-level depths close to the bank of a lake or river, the waterway should have plenty of areas where the fish feel safe. That can include weed beds, lily pads and rush beds.


The fantastic features of our fishery near Effingham.


Our lake was created on the Indian Farm Estate in the early 1970’s for the purpose of trout fishing, and has many features that are ideal for carp, including shallow areas and depths of up to 12 feet. The lake features two islands and an old stream bed that snakes from one end of the lake to the other.


One of the best places for fishing in Surrey in summer, it also has seven swims of which one is a double.  This means you can choose which swim to fish from during the booking process.


Because carp are one of the most popular fish for bowfishing enthusiasts, you want to book early before spring and summer.

If you’re looking for the best fisheries in Surrey, find out more about Effingham Carp Fishery or contact our friendly team for more information.

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