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Book A Spot At Our Exclusive Carp Fishing Lake In The UK

There’s few pleasures greater than carp fishing in spring and summer. With our exclusive venue in Effingham, experienced anglers can enjoy this sport to the fullest.


For anglers all over the world, carp fishing is cited as their favourite activity. These are fish that provide a swashbuckling fight, which has earned them the moniker ‘the queen of rivers and lakes’. Because of its popularity, it’s crucial to book a venue early this summer. 


Some would describe carp fishing as a particularly ‘British obsession’ which can be surprising as carp appeared in our waters somewhat later than other places. 


Because carp are most active from late spring through until early autumn, these are the best times to head to the best fishing lakes.


Our fishery in Surrey is pure heaven for any seasoned carp fishing enthusiast. 


You’ll find our lake in Effingham near to Guildford, a gorgeous area reaching from the gently sloping northern plain to the crest of the North Downs. Once you’ve spent the day fishing, there’s plenty of lovely places to explore in the local area, including fantastic pubs. 


Originally built for trout fishing, our beautiful venue has seven swims, one of which is a double. We also have excellent on-site facilities.


With our ‘Catch App’, it’s easy to book a place at one of our lakes this summer. Please note we now offer a minimum 23 hour ticket. 

Alternatively, simply contact our team for more information on booking our fishing lake.

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