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Is Carp Fishing Hard, Or Should You Give It A Try?

Carp fishing often has a reputation for being difficult, thanks to the fact you need the exact hook to feed fish. You also need to consider factors like your rig presentation, the type of bait, and where in the water you’re fishing.


Carp also often put up an impressive fight. 


These fish not only have a sleek shape but are able to hug a riverbed, thanks to having strong white muscle. They not only have exceptional endurance levels, but can be quite wary and are shy feeders. This means they’re not always easy to attract.


However, carp fishing is always worth getting into if you’re a keen angler, for these very reasons! It’s challenging, fun and you’re always learning something new.


Perfect for keen carp fishers, Effingham Carp Fishery offers a first-class experience at any time of year. 


Our peaceful six acre lake is located in the heart of the tranquil Surrey countryside. Beneath its waters, there’s 100 hand selected carp of weights of up to 25 lbs.


Here you can enjoy midweek fishing (two or four days) or weekend fishing (three days) all year round. We have excellent facilities including a cabin with a toilet and shower, along with a basic kitchen and sitting area.


If you’re looking for the best places for carp fishing in Surrey, discover more reasons to choose our venue. Or simply contact our team for more information

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